how we can help - enabling change:
planning, resourcing, facilitating
Working through our network company Prosequence we can provide the expertise, the 'roadmap' and any additional resources required to plan and facilitate strategic change at critical times, such as:

Prosequence - business solutions for strategic change

Our comprehensive approach to communication strategy and corporate affairs covers:
positioning, corporate values, vision & key messages
strategic communications
media relations
corporate culture & identity
stakeholder dialogue
external & internal communications
communications technology
monitoring and feedback
impact analysis
resource planning
project management
issues management
  • start-ups and new business ventures
  • mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures
  • entering new markets
  • divestments and restructuring
  • step change
Enabling solutions cover the functions, people, processes, systems, communications, budgets and optimal timeframes to deliver the required results.

services & publications