about us
Andrew Napier's communications & issues management consulting, crisis management and interim management services draw on extensive experience of international corporate affairs, public affairs, issues management, PR and communications in multinational corporations and international organisations. Working with business partners and associates we can provide a range of services to make change happen for clients.
Our services are designed to:
add value to clients' existing resources
- effective external and internal communications to make change happen and for crisis management
setting up the most effective corporate communications management systems for your organisation
strategic approach for competitive advantage
web based corporate communications - - strategy, techniques, content and design
 - international corporate communications, public affairs, issues and crisis management
find solutions
  • deciding the best communication strategy
  • setting up effective communications
    • with the optimum balance of in-house and external resources
  • recommending how best to manage key issues
  • evaluating the potential impact of stakeholder expectations
  • commissioning and integrating the work of:
    • agencies, consultants and research companies
    • corporate identity, branding and design specialists
strengthen clients' communications and public affairs functions