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services: strategic communication programmes
We help clients to develop strategic communications to engage many different stakeholders (internal and external) ...
Strategic communications are of particular value at critical times, such as:
change of strategy or other step change
before and during the start-up phase of a new venture, and especially during rapid growth
before, during and after major restructuring
following a merger or acquisition – as the two entities are integrated
during and after divestments - or outsourcing of major operations
when facing significant and potentially far-reaching external challenges
in a carefully pre-planned, consistent and integrated way
using key messages in line with corporate objectives and positioning
emphasising aspects of particular concern to the different audiences

At times of major change, the communication strategy - and its implementation - can make the difference between the success and failure of ambitious plans.

It is always a key factor in successful crisis management. The strategy should also enhance the organisation's corporate brand and reflect its corporate culture.

The seniority and credibility of those communicating can be as important as the messages, and a willingness to explain and discuss can in itself win much support.  As well as helping clients develop the most effective communication solutions, we also brief and train people to communicate confidently and convincingly.

Integrated strategic communications usually include internal communications and external communications with ...
governments and opinion leaders
local communities
business partners
and other "stakeholders" who are important for the success of the enterprise
Integrated strategic communication programmes can bring many benefits, such as:
securing commitment to strategic change creating goodwill, confidence and trust that can be exploited in product promotion
creating an identity, team spirit and focus gaining competitive advantage in a crowded market
rallying your team, partners and friends when under attack or facing challenges effective crisis management
laying the foundations for a step change in profitable growth managing external challenges

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