why (& when) we can add value
The communication strategy can make the difference between the success and failure of ambitious plans - both for start-ups and for any organisation undergoing major change or facing external challenges.
Good communication is crucial for crisis management, culture change and to facilitate strategic change
For example:
when and how best to communicate with people whose reactions could make a difference?
could stakeholder demands or regulatory changes derail your plans?
do you have a system for anticipating, evaluating and managing such risks?
how do you co-ordinate what is said and done by:
  • those with day-to-day responsibility for dealing with each stakeholder?
  • PR and public affairs agencies, branding and design specialists?
  • management consultants and other advisers?
Strategic communications are of particular value at critical times, such as:
change of strategy or other step change
before and during the start-up phase of a new venture, and especially during rapid growth
before, during and after major restructuring
following a merger or acquisition – as the two entities are integrated
during and after divestments - or outsourcing of major operations
when facing significant and potentially far-reaching external challenges
Our consulting and interim management services can help by:
analysing needs and recommending solutions
strengthening what is already in place
providing extra expertise and resources
and - if needed - taking direct responsibility for implementation
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