communication strategy, public affairs & issues management
[consulting & interim management]
communication strategy - effective external and internal communications to support corporate objectives and make change happen; editorial services and strategy issues management - managing external challenges and public policy issues: good corporate governance in a changing world
organising corporate communications - determining the most appropriate management systems and accountability for effective corporate communications training, seminars and other public speaking - international corporate communications, public affairs, issues management and crisis management
corporate identity, branding and culture change - dynamic approach for competitive advantage managing external risks and opportunities - for good corporate governance
corporate values, culture and other "soft" issues - strategic approach to corporate values and culture strategic change - connected business solutions for strategic change
IT and internet-based communications - strategy, techniques, content and design corporate reputation, risk and good governance - key issues affecting future value
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publications/ articles:
Pipeline shutdown for maintenance (article picked up in many countries - April 2012) Role of communications in delivering a major infrastructure project (published September 2011)
Work begins on undersea welding ... story picked by many technical magazines (May 2011) Nord Stream lays last pipe of first pipeline ... (article picked up in many countries - (May 2011)
public affairs and corporate communications - published in "Everything flows: Essays on Public Affairs & Change" (ECPA) - February 2005 Sports Money for Sport - publication prepared for International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) - April 2004
The rise of interim management - (published December 2008) Olympic sport: the FIVB’s Olympic success story (published May 2007)
good marketing, PR and government relations are not enough- published in "The Public Affairs Newsletter" - July 2002 sports branding - successful brands in a crowded market (published May 2005)
IT and issues management/ public affairs- published in "The Public Affairs Newsletter" - October 2002 sport and the media - success through media support (published May 2005)
issues management comes of age - 25 years on - August 2001 international sport: the FIVB spreads excellence ... to 218 countries (published June 2006)
Save the River Blackwater Valley - website for local campaign group - (May 2005 - 2008) international sport: a confident future for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball (published September 2006)
updated: 11 May 2012