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Andrew Napier is an accomplished public speaker, trainer and adviser.

As a consultant, interim manager and full-time corporate executive he has considerable experience of speaking publicly on behalf of organisations (including conducting press conferences for the world's media as PR Director of the International Olympic Committee), as well as training, lecturing and running seminars

Subjects covered include: corporate issues, change management, communication strategy, public affairs and issues management. 

Recent examples include:
  • "The strategic value of communications and issues management in international business" - lectures at Cambridge University, for visiting international MBA students
  • "Public Affairs Strategy" - professional training seminar, London
  • "Managing new external challenges", Los Angeles, internal seminar for leaders of a global industry
  • Public meeting for local campaign group
- effective external and internal communications to make change happen and for crisis management
setting up the most effective corporate communications management systems for your organisation
strategic approach for competitive advantage
web based corporate communications - - strategy, techniques, content and design
 - international corporate communications, public affairs, issues and crisis management

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