services: communication strategy
communication strategy ...
Our comprehensive approach to communication strategy and corporate affairs covers:
positioning, corporate values, vision & key messages
strategic communications
media relations
corporate culture & identity
stakeholder dialogue
external & internal communications
communications technology
monitoring and feedback
impact analysis
resource planning
project management
issues management
- effective external and internal communications to make change happen and for crisis management
setting up the most effective corporate communications management systems for your organisation
strategic approach for competitive advantage
web based corporate communications - - strategy, techniques, content and design
 - international corporate communications, public affairs, issues and crisis management
We also help clients to integrate the work of:
agencies, consultants and research companies
corporate branding, design and digital communication specialists

Working with business partners and associates we can also provide a range of communications and business consultancy services to help clients make change happen.

We develop effective communications material as well as providing advice, training and hands-on interim management to help clients to:
use the best communication strategy to achieve their business objectives
use a range of media to create effective two-way communications with key stakeholders
handle challenges and special projects

We help clients to set the agenda, define and communicate their 'key messages' consistently, and engage employees and other key stakeholders in their plans.

How and when to communicate with those who have an interest in your business and your plans can be critical. 

Do people know about you?

What do they know about you? What do they think about you? What do other people say about you? Is it accurate? Is it in line with your own agenda? Or are other people's agendas more compelling? 

What are you going to do about it?

It is usually best to take the initiative ...

We help clients to set up integrated communication programmes to create competitive advantage and bring many benefits, such as:
setting the agenda - rather than just responding to others' agendas
securing commitment to change and support for your plans
creating an identity, team spirit and focus
laying the foundations for step change
creating goodwill, confidence and trust
raising profile and enhancing reputation
managing crises and preserving trust

An effective communication strategy can also be invaluable to organisations that are under attack - there is no 'presumption of innocence' in the media!

Today's telecommunications revolution has made instantaneous global communications possible - including inaccurate and harmful stories - and has increased the importance of corporate communications.

The communication strategy - and its implementation - can often make the difference between the success and failure of ambitious plans ... and is always a key factor in successful crisis management and in the corporate culture and corporate brand of successful organisations ... Strategic communications can also help organisations to respond to challenges in a non-confrontational way.

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