services: IT and internet-based communications
Telecommunications. the web and information technology have revolutionised corporate communications - in terms of speed, flexibility, inter-activity, reach andcost. Facts, images, news and opinions from an infinite number of sources can be instantly availalble - all of which increase the pressures for a consistent, proactive, strategic approach to corporate communciations.
Advances in telecommunications and digital media have made possible the instantaneous global communication of facts, images, opinions and news - as well as inaccurate and harmful stories, and things that people may not have wished to become public.

All this has increased the importance of comprehensive and transparent corporate communications.

Effective use of digital media in external and internal corporate communications - as well as in other business functions and processes - can have a far-reaching impact on competitive positioning and reputation.

The interactive possibilities of web 2.0 - such as social networking sites, blogs, instant comment and reaction - have also enabled more efficient and cost-effective management of public policy and other business-critical issues, and revolutionised public affairs in 'best-practice' companies, stakeholder groups, NGOs and other organisations.

We advise on communication strategy and techniques for web-based communications, as well as providing content and copy-writing services.

We work with IT communications technology specialists providing instant multi-media alerts to a choice of devices and Live TV over the internet.
We have also set up and facilitated web based networking and collaboration in a virtual organisation

For small businesses and start-ups we also provide streamlined web-design and updating services. We use Adobe GoLive, InDesign, Photoshop, ImageReady, Acrobat and Illustrator, as well as MS Office suite
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IT and issues management/ public affairs (published article)
Integrated communication programmes
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