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being caught unawares is a sign of poor corporate governance
Understanding the potential impact of external factors such as environmental, economic, social, political and regulatory issues on different parts of their operations makes it easier for organisations to reduce risk, capitalise on opportunities and secure competitive advantage.

In the best-practice companies the real bottom-line benefit from 'issues management' - and not just issues communication - is strategic: it is a key factor in their ability to achieve their corporate strategy, objectives and plans. By internalising such issues and adapting to challenges these companies become more sustainable and improve both their results and prospects.

'Issues management' is one of the consulting services we offer. Over the years, the term 'issues management' has been used more to cover the monitoring, lobbying and other external communications offered by public affairs agencies. 'Crisis management' is also sometimes involved.

Our consulting covers all this, as well as helping clients to integrate any strategically significant external issues into their risk management and strategic planning systems.

After the corporate collapses and scandals of recent years, it is a sign of good corporate governance to be able to demonstrate that one has the systems and reporting mechanisms in place to avoid being caught unawares and to manage non-financial risk, as well as financial risk.

Effective 'issues management' should be about what organisations do, and not just about what they say.

issues management and good corporate governance
Our advisory, benchmarking and interim executive services can help clients manage issues in ways that add real value.

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Enabling "best practice" issues management is one of the services offered by and Prosequence, our network company through which we can provide additional cross-functional expertise, interim management and other ad hoc resources as needed.