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Following the corporate collapses and scandals of recent years, good corporate governance increasingly requires management to be able to demonstrate that they are monitoring and managing non-financial risk as well as financial risk.

In today’s world, failure to manage issues such as reputational risk, business probity, health & safety and environmental concerns can rapidly destroy shareholder value as well as employment, pension values and any positive contribution that the company made to the countries and communities where it operates. 

Our issues management audits are designed to help clients see how well prepared they are to respond to the risks and opportunities arising from external challenges - and to determine:
which external issues are likely to have an impact on strategy and plans - and how - and the extent to which these issues can be influenced or mitigated
the organisation's capacity to anticipate and manage the risks and opportunities
what is being done or said today that could make it easier (or harder) to manage future challenges
how current systems and management processes compare with best practice
corporate governance and issues management

A form of 'corporate health check', issues management audits are particularly useful when reputational risks and stakeholder challenges could threaten business, influence the achievability of plans or even create new opportunities which competitors could be better prepared to exploit.

Such issues could include health & safety, environmental impact, labour practices, business probity or challenges by acitivists.

As well as assessing the potential importance of the issues for the business, the audits can also pinpoint the optimum organisational responsibilities for handling the issues. more ...

with a view to helping clients to integrate any strategically significant external issues into their risk management and strategic planning systems.

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Enabling "best practice" issues management is one of the services offered by and our network company Prosequence, through which we can also call on the services of specialists from other disciplines when needed.