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How we audit key issues
how well prepared the organisation is to manage them

Understanding the potential impact of external factors such as environmental, economic, social, political and regulatory issues on different parts of their operations makes it easier for organisations to reduce risk, capitalise on opportunities and secure competitive advantage.

We help you to develop a modus operandi appropriate to your organisation to identify the most important issues and assess them against all the key business functions and your plans and strategic options.

Two analytical tools that we have found useful to prioritise issues and enhance organisations' chances of successfully managing such challenges are:

  • the SIRI Analysis (covering the potential importance of the issues for the business)
  • and the RCI Analysis (covering organisational responsibilities)

SIRI Analysis (Specificity - Impact - Response - Integration):

  • Specificity:
    • what are the issues and potential challenges?
    • are they specific to the organisation?
    • do they also affect others in the industry?
  • Impact:
    • extent of (potential) impact for the organisation
      • are the issues "interactive", "contextual" or "general"
      • how to measure and prioritise?
    • how could the organisation be affected (risks/ opportunities)?
    • can the organisation's actions increase/ decrease the impact?
  • Response:
    • action - what is the organisation doing today on these issues?
    • which parts of the organisation should be involved in deciding what to do about these issues? (RCI Analysis - Responsible - Consulted - Informed)
      • who is Responsible?
      • who needs to be Consulted?
      • who else needs to be kept Informed?
    • how would the organisation respond to critical developments?
      • management processes
      • policies and positions
  • Integration:
    • which existing management/ planning systems cover such issues? Strategic planning? Risk management and mitigation?
    • what impact on day-to-day business responsibilities?
    • are future solutions constrained by today's actions, positions or statements?
    • what needs changing today?
Enabling "best practice" issues management is one of the services offered by and our network company Prosequence, through which we can also provide additional cross-functional expertise and ad hoc resources as needed

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