services: anticipating and managing risks and opportunities
external issues can influence the achievability of plans ...
The best-laid plans can be thrown off course by unexpected events ...

But some organisations are better prepared than others to handle challenges ...

Investors recognise this: effective risk management (including non-financial risk) is now considered part of good corporate governance.

Our Issues Management Audits are designed to help organisations to establish how well prepared they are to anticipate and manage the risks and opportunities arising from external challenges and changes in the business environment.

These audits are a form of "corporate health check" and are particularly useful for companies exposed to risks from external issues - such as health, safety or environmental concerns - that could :

improve your ability to manage future crises threaten the business
influence the achievability of current plans
We also help clients with crisis management. This includes helping them to improve their capability to manage future crises and respond to external challenges. or even create new opportunities which competitors may be better prepared to exploit.

enabling "best practice" issues management is one of the services offered by and our network company Prosequence, through which we can also provide additional cross-functional expertise and ad hoc resources