servces: Strategic approach to corporate values, culture & other "soft" issues
'soft issues' can ruin sound strategic moves - or make them a success
Careful attention to corporate values, aligning your leadership and harmonising your organisation, communications and corporate culture will contribute to the lasting and sustainable success of your boldest moves. Insufficient attention to these so-called "soft" issues can ruin strategically sound projects.

A strategic approach to corporate culture, communications and values is of particular value at the following critical times:

To maximise the chances of cultural issues contributing positively, we provide multi-functional consulting (through our network company Prosequence) to plan and make strategic change happen.

Many strategic moves involve cost-cutting and painful restructuring. For such situations - and also for more welcome change - we help clients to maximise support for the proposed changes by setting up:

before and during the start-up phase of a new venture, and especially during the rapid growth phase
before, during and after major restructuring, step change or corporate relaunch
following a merger or acquisition - as the two entities are integrated
during and after divestments and outsourcing of major operations a clear rationale with inspiring corporate vision and values
after significant and potentially far-reaching external challenges

and the means of ensuring that the values flow through the organisation

.... and permeate its key business relationships
At the end of the day, people's experience of the organisation counts for more than high-flying concepts and words!

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