services: Strategic Rationale, Vision and Values - sustainable success for your boldest moves
change will be measured by people's experience of an organisation
The financial logic of strategic moves can be impeccable, but even strategically sound moves can fail as a result of insufficient attention being paid to “soft” issues, such as company culture, motivation and stakeholder support.
Strategic communications are of particular value at critical times, such as:
change of strategy or other step change
before and during the start-up phase of a new venture, and especially during rapid growth
before, during and after major restructuring
following a merger or acquisition – as the two entities are integrated
during and after divestments - or outsourcing of major operations
when facing significant and potentially far-reaching external challenges
Likewise a deliberate planned change in company culture, positioning and focus can lead to improved performance in the marketplace and long-term improvements in financial performance.
We can help clients maximise support for such moves by setting up a clear, easily-understood rationale, together with an inspiring corporate vision and values ...
  • the goals and objectives
  • the plans
  • the expected benefits
  • what must change and why
  • roles and responsibilities
  • winning support and understanding
  • decision criteria
  • what success will look like
We offer (through Prosequence) multi-functional resources to help clients plan and make strategic change happen and to ensure that cultural issues contribute positively to the success of strategic change.

Corporate culture should be 'nurtured' or cultivated and should influence corporate decision-making.

The ultimate responsibility for corporate values, culture and branding usually rests with the Chairman, Chief Executive and the Board.

The lead is usually taken by Communications, Human Resources/ Organizational Development or Marketing - all of whom need to work together in this area.
The plan to address 'corporate culture' issues needs to be integrated into strategic project planning.