servces: Corporate culture and identity - a dynamic approach
integrated strategic approach to corporate communications ...
We help clients to raise their profile and improve their reputation with governments, media, stakeholders and the public - and to gain competitive advantage from their corporate culture.

Our core skills of strategic communications (internal and external), corporate positioning and corporate branding can be supplemented through Prosequence to include other disciplines that may be needed to help clients make change happen.

In our experience corporate culture, corporate branding and corporate identity are a mix of :

  • values and aspirations
  • plus performance and behaviour
  • plus reputation & how you are perceived

- all of which must be right for the marketplace and today's expectations

and consistent with business strategy and objectives

We help clients to take a dynamic approach to culture change and an integrated, strategic approach to communications to ensure that all business relationships - internal, business partners, the media, customers, host communities and other stakeholders - contribute to a winning corporate culture - and competitive advantage
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